Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Solutions

Shanon Engineering, Inc. provides a range of civil engineering solutions for commercial and residential applications. The list below provides you with some of the typical design areas in which we work.

Most commercial sites require careful consideration of storm water management. We work with you to meet the requirements of building codes regarding storm events while maximizing the aesthetic and practical elements of your site design .

Retaining walls are necessary to stabilize soil around buildings, walkways, landscaping, and driveways. Shannon Engineering, Inc. helps you determine the best type of materials to use and how to effectively employ them for your particular site. 

Whether it is for a conventional pipe & gravel or chambered OWTS or advanced wastewater treatment for difficult soils on challenging sites, we design for you with value and system longevity in mind. We seek to employ the best technology for you and the specific site conditions. Where necessary and appropriate, our designs include mounds, sand filters, suspended media aerobic treatment units, fixed media advanced treatment systems, soil replacement, etc.

Walkways, driveways, and ranch roads that cross creeks, gulches, and rivers require bridges. These need to be designed appropriately for the expected loads and with an eye to the nature of the site and use. We will explore the options with you and develop a plan to meet your anticipated needs for vehicular, livestock, and pedestrian traffic.

We have been involved in the design and repair of small earthen dams for impounding water for agricultural and recreational purposes. Careful attention is given to outlet works and spillway design.

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Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Estimating, Scheduling, and Project Management;. Shannon Engineering, Inc. brings decades of construction and engineering experience to bear on solving your project challenges. Operating in southwestern Michigan and northwestern Colorado.

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